When should I Rehair my violin bow? – How Hard Is Violin

After the first lesson with your beginner Violin bow and after you have learned the concepts and techniques behind the bow, your violin can be re-hairred every single week. However, it is important to keep your finger tips touching the bow (the bridge) to ensure that your bow is always in optimal condition.

What is the best way to re-hair a violin bow?

The best way to re-hair your bow is to first practice a few movements in which to take the bow with your hand, then use a string brush in front of the bow to get a good brush stroke. Use a brush between the bow and the bridge to get the best bow length and angle.

When should I adjust the bow?

The tip of the neck or back of your violin bow should be checked to make sure that the bridge has the correct angle. Take the bow out and test it on a flat surface, with your finger tips touching the wood with a stiff, soft brush before adjusting the bow.

How should I make the bow string look clean?

Before making the string brush out the bow, remove any oils, oils that are on the ends of the strings. Clean the string brush, and put the bow inside a nylon bag. Wipe your fingers in a small cloth on the bow and place in the bag.

What is the difference between a nylon strings and a cloth strings?

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Nylon strings are made with a synthetic material in their core to help the string stay in this material, making this the best bow string material available for violin bow. The cotton core of nylon string has a soft feel to it, so the string bends easier, making the violin bow more comfortable for you to play.

Cotton string is considered the worst string material on the violin bow which can have a string break, and can have a higher breakage rate than nylon string. Cotton strings can also not be replaced as well as nylon strings. This makes them more prone to wear than nylon string and the string will break much more often.

Cloth strings are softer, lighter, and make the violin bow look cleaner and longer lasting. The strings can be replaced in as little as 5-10 minutes.

Are there any bows that work too well?

The right bow should be played in any situation. The best bows are one that is comfortable for you to play. The same is true for your violin bow. There are certain bow types that fit all situations

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