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There is so much to say and write on pole. It is an artform as old as time (pun intended). Pole dancers are an art form but it is not without its faults. These faults are many, but just this is one flaw that we need to keep in mind when reviewing pole dancers in pole and female performance as an art form.

Pole dancers and female pole dancing are not all, or only, dancers in costumes. There are also pole dancers and female pole dancers who are not costumes dancers, or who dress in costumes, and there are Pole Dance Artists (or PDAAs).

Pole dancers and female pole dancers must learn that there are other ways of being female and performing pole dancing in the world.

Pole dancers and female pole dancers must also learn there work is important – that it is not to be viewed as simply a dance for one pole or the other on any given day. Women have been taught that pole and female performance is a hobby and not an occupation. It is a way to escape from the ‘no job’ attitude and a way to practice being part of the world. This should not be taught to pole dancers and female pole dancers.

Pole dancing as an art form, is an artform and not a job.

Pole, and female pole dancing are not about the bottom line. Pole dancers should know that their time as performance artists/Dancers is as valuable as any other piece of art that a dancer may create.

There should also not be a lack of enthusiasm for being a pole dancer. Many pole dancers are not just a jobless art form. They do enjoy what they do. Pole dancers find a community of dancers who they can call upon to help them learn and learn new moves. This community of dancers also develops friendships with other pole dancers and female performers.

This community of dancers also creates a sense of pride when a performer is doing something well or does something new.

A strong sense of pride for being a performer can lead to pride in being a pole dancer. It also can lead to more fun, confidence and a love of the pole dance.

In short…

Being a female Pole dancer with an eye for style and a love for the art form that is female pole dance can be hard. It is even harder when you are not the only person doing this in the world.

Being a member of a community of dancers should be a goal for every performer. A strong

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