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According to the pole dancing literature you can find on the internet, pole dance began with the Greeks, in Greece (Greece is a founding member of the United Nations, the organization where all the major social issues are debated). Although the exact nature of the Greek pole dance was debated among pole dancers and the historians of pole dancing since antiquity, their connection to the Greek culture made for an interesting connection. In their earliest attempts, they wanted to replace Greek pole dancing with a Western-style dance because they felt they already had a good, recognizable style of pole dance. By the mid-1800s, the German style of pole dancing, which originated in the American colonies, took over with the arrival of German immigrants to the USA. However, many people, with the belief that the American style was the standard, continued to perform with the Greek style. By the 1930s, after years of trying new styles in the hope that more Americans would appreciate the style, the American style gained a much needed boost when Hollywood star Johnny “Banana Man” Adonia introduced the style to America.

Did it happen on Earth?

The story has it that one day in 1920, a large group of the Greeks that worked on the colony, called together and made new pole dance style that was close to what Americans today call the “polar” style of pole dancing. The style of pole dance was called “Western!” and its name could be translated as “western”. This style of pole dancing was very similar to the American version, with a short dress and long skirt, with a pole in the bottom of the dress. Today, pole dance remains a popular dance in the USA.

Why is there such a discrepancy in the dates of pole dances? Are they all the same?

The dates of dances is related to the dates when the cultures started to form. Pole dancing originated in the Greek culture, and the Greek culture was very diverse. Most of the early pole dancers were Greek immigrants, from Greece, with a few French and English residents. The dances were originally called “Greek pole dancing” but then changed to “Western style”. As people who had migrated and learned to dance in new cultures began to dance together, the dancing developed. In other words, people who came to the colonies in the US from England or France also formed a dance culture in a relatively short amount of time.

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