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What does dance have to do with mental health?

In the 20th century, it is estimated that dancing helped to bring the country alive. A number of factors have been linked to dancing in mental health.

Dance helps with breathing.

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Dance has been linked to a sense of empowerment.

Dance has been linked to a sense of connection to the physical world.

Dance has been linked to a sense of community.

Psychologists have found that people with mental health difficulties tend to be physically, and mentally, active. Therefore, many have been curious about the connection between dance and mental health.

Dance may also help people with mental health problems with learning, and also may ease anxiety.

Dance improves concentration and increases awareness. This helps people with the mental health condition to focus and take a bigger step towards their goals.

Dance could also help people experiencing an anxiety attack by allowing them to focus their minds and keep their body still.

Dance is generally recognised to have a positive effect on mood and helps with pain management, helping people take charge of their mood, and can alleviate some of chronic pain that people with mental health conditions suffer from. Some studies have found that dance can help alleviate depression.

Dance has been found to be linked to stress relief. For example, studies have found dance to be linked to reduced stress. This can be beneficial because it may improve body, bone and nervous system processes.

Dance can help with self-awareness and self-efficacy. This is important for people with mental health problems who may experience self-stigma.

Dance can offer a sense of community that may help with coping with emotions and stress. It can be beneficial for people to work on the self which may also assist people with their mental health.

Dance is good for your health as it helps with your circulation.

Dance may be beneficial in reducing cardiovascular disease. Research has also found that exercise can reduce stress levels in people. This is good news to some people who have experienced mental health problems as part of their problems with heart disease and other conditions.

Dance can improve your cognitive abilities. Research has found that dance has been linked to improved cognition in various people with various issues such as Alzheimer’s.

Dance has also been linked to improved mood, which can help with anxiety and may help some with the mental

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