What are social dances and dance mixers?

Dance mixes are music produced by professional DJs in a concert space or on a personal basis, and typically involve a dance, music or other elements mixed and synchronized in order to create a single musical performance, which is then presented to the social dance audience. Some of these services may not include some form of social service to the community at large. Some of these services may require community involvement and sponsorship. The service is free of charge for participants or the general public; however, if a small group of individuals is involved, it is best to call ahead to discuss the service.

Are dances allowed at the event?

All dance types, including all forms of dance mixes, may be used as a social dance. As such, if you attend an event and want to play dance music (in the club or elsewhere), you may choose this method to include in your event. Please be aware that some dance mixers have a reputation for having illegal acts on their websites and videos. For the safety of the dance audience and DJ, do what you can to monitor your dance music and the presence of anyone with drugs or alcohol on their person.

Can I be required to pay $20 or more for a dance mix?

All DJ mixers are responsible for making sure their service fee is paid on time. However, it is important to note that DJ mixers are not required to make a “free” or “fees” or “sessions” fee to the event staff. As a professional, this is not a question on their part and the “sessions” fee is the fee you pay to the event staff to play a set of musical numbers. Your group will be expected to pay the cost of the DJ mix while their set is in session. This fee is not mandatory but is generally one of the few things you will want to do. If you do have a fee, it is important to be sure to negotiate with the DJ before booking a set of music. If you cannot pay the fee with cash then your group can make a small cash contribution to the event prior to your engagement and this amount can be paid to us by cheque or money order with your name on it so we can pay your group before the show by credit to your group’s credit card.

Do I have to be a resident of Halifax or one of the surrounding communities to attend my dance event?

We allow dance mixed events in all local communities and we strongly encourage you to make your event with our team.