What are the characteristics of social dance? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom Background Episode

Dancers in a social dance situation will be moving in sync with one another. They share the same energy flow, as dance is about shared and equal feelings and emotions. Dance also involves the collective body, which includes the dancers but excludes the audience that may be watching them – dancing is a way for some people to express themselves to an audience of a certain size.

What makes a social dance exciting?

Some people describe a social dance as “fun.” Others think it has a more mystical and spiritual or even mystical power.

People want to be involved in a social dance when there is an abundance of people and excitement for the event. If there is nothing going on around the dance, people are not interested.

I’m a social dancer, but I’m not really enjoying that part of the dance. Why?

Dancing at a party requires a lot of energy. You have to dance to the song or to the music that plays there. You can’t dance with your eyes closed and you have to pay attention because you’ll feel so moved.

Social dancers who enjoy the experience do so because they have more to offer the dance community that night. But the same could be said about a group of people that has decided to try their hand at social dancing.

How can I learn more about social dance?

You can find out more about social dancing online on dance-related web and social media sites, or you can find a local social dance group locally or online.

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