What are the names of hip hop dance moves? – Social Dance Classes Perth

I can’t help but feel that the answer is not hip hop dance moves, but it must be something, right?

Oh, and the answer to the big question was the most important answer to our study – “J. Cole.” As if Cole is even the least hip hop dance move.

Now please understand this study was not specifically for hip hop music or dance moves. Most of the music and dance in this study was from the “Rockabilly” music.
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So, my question to you, is do you mind telling us other hip hop dances you like?

Here are some music and dance moves you will enjoy seeing me dance at.

And finally, let’s see if hip hop has a dance move.

In the meantime, I would like to thank Jason for doing this for me. I really look forward to seeing this study. Good luck with your study.

Note: As a bonus to you, if you don’t care too much about hip hop dance moves, I could do with some help! If you feel you are up for some help with the study, please email me.

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