What are the two classification of social dance? – Glen Echo Park Social Dances Examples

What are the three characteristics of real social dance in the world?

The real social dance world consists of three things:

the dance

the performance and the spectators

the environment

This article will show how all three play integral roles in the process of real social dancing.


The dance is that which is performed on the dance floor. It is performed in many forms and shapes according to the context:

It may be a standing, sitting, spinning or dancing ballad.

It may be a number of different types of dance and it depends on the audience.

It is one of the most important aspects of a social dance because it contains the essence of social dancing! It is the one of the basic elements of all dances!


The dance is performed using two kinds of movements:

A dance moves according to a set and simple rhythm.

It has many different kinds of sounds and movements.

It is divided into several steps which may be arranged separately or in a group. The entire dance can be moved and described in a short period of time with one continuous movement.

There exists the possibility of moving the dancing ball, a dance with many people, in front of a wall or a chair.

All these movements may be combined with each other and with the following types of performances:

Jazz, Bollywood, Reggae, Ballet and Pop. The dance can be described in many different dances. It is a powerful instrument and an artistic form.

It can be expressed verbally, in music and dance or in poetry. It also is an activity for children and it can be associated with other forms of enjoyment.

All the dances can be adapted to the specific needs of each dance audience.


The dance environment is the one which is associated with the dance. It is the same environment where social dances take place. It is the one which makes the whole experience happen – whether a person can dance or not.

The dance environment is a space in the center of the social dance which is always busy with people and the activities that occur there.

The social dance environment is the most important factor in creating both the experience and the performance.


The dance environment determines where the dance takes place. It is also one of the most

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