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For most tattoo artists, there are approximately seven different styles to choose from. Depending on the artist you choose to work with, you may end up with a style similar to one you have seen before or something completely different. The style of tattoo can also alter the colors of your hair or skin to be inked with that same artist.

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If you are in the market for a tattoo artist to work with, don’t be left out of the tattoo tattoo market. We have provided the most popular tattoo styles that are the most widely known for tattooing in the industry along with the top tattoo artists that have the best work with those styles.

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WASHINGTON – Today, we are reminding all Americans – young and old – about the devastating consequences of gun violence. Many young Americans have already lost their loved ones, and many more are likely to lose one or more of their own very soon.

The Obama Administration has worked tirelessly to strengthen gun safety laws, and has expanded background checks to more than 20 million Americans in an unprecedented effort to prevent firearm accidents. A comprehensive report released yesterday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that almost 100,000 Americans died from gun violence in 2014. And just across the state line from Newtown, Connecticut, the CDC found that the risk of gun homicide is six times higher in Wyoming than it was in Colorado in 2012 – more than two and a half times higher.

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However, the National Rifle Association has blocked federal action on common sense laws to keep guns out of the wrong hands, and in particular, the assault weapons ban. With your help, we are asking the President to re-open that ban so that the vast majority of law-abiding Americans can have a safe

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