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The tattoo art style of some Samoans often goes with their physical style, like the traditional tattooed designs on men and women are sometimes referred to as their “styles”. Samoans have historically tattooed their faces, body parts, and their names with intricate and colorful designs. Some tattoos are so well-known that other tattoos are inspired, such as the Samoan “Otokololi”, or the Native American “Alaskan,” which is the name given to a tribal tattoo, or the Japanese “Yukata”, which is the name given by the Japanese to his tattoos as “Japanese tattoos”.

So, who in Samoa does these tats, and what is their significance?

In the past in the Samoan community, everyone was given tattoos at around the age of 13. That started a tradition and created a community with an old-school way of seeing the world and of tattooing. Although no specific tradition about Samoan tattooing can be found, the traditional Samoan people were known for an open, fun, and often unconventional tattooing tradition.

Samoans and the tattoos used to be tattooed like any American culture: from face and body art to tattoos of the names of family members, or in the case of a brother’s tattoo, his own child’s names. In most Samoan cultures, tattoos are made or modified from the local animal or plant life. In addition, some of them are made out of the blood or skin of the tattooed person, which adds an otherworldly dimension to the tattoo and is usually added for “fun” or “to look like a Samoan.”

Nowadays, not everyone wants a tattoo. In most modern Samoan communities the traditional tattooing tradition is gone. In some villages in Samoa and others in the Northern Hemisphere there are tattooing shops. However, the Samoan tattoo artists are continuing to work with tattooing today, even after it has been outgrown in the Northern Hemisphere.

The tattoo art of some Samoans is much more personal than the traditional Samoan tattoos and tattooing is mostly done without blood, but the traditional tattoos still serve a great purpose. It’s possible that this tradition has existed in the Samoan culture since the beginning, but it is now gone, and many Samoans do not have the knowledge about how to tattoo.

The tattoo industry in Samoa

The traditional Samoan tattoos come mostly from a collection of tattoo shop owners who have the knowledge and know

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